Wikileaks: the secret life of a superpower

Een Wikileaks documentaire van de BBC die zich nu eens niet concentreert op Assange en consorten, maar op de partij wiens geheimen op straat kwamen te liggen. Of zoals in een uitnodigende beschrijving werd vermeld:

‘Richard Bilton confronts the nightmares that haunt America. Using the secret cables Richard offers a striking analysis of the state of the superpower – facing defiance around the world, struggling to achieve its goals, locked in confrontation with enemies new – and old. This includes how it struggles with – Russian aggression, China’s rising economic power and military might. And the ultimate threat – an Iranian bomb. He journeys to Russia to investigate allegations of Kremlin corruption, meeting the key sources who gave information to American diplomats. And he tells the story of a modern ‘cold war’ style crisis at the very heart of NATO. From information in the cables, Richard charts how China’s economic and military muscle present an unprecedented threat to America’s self-confidence. Meeting persecuted Chinese dissidents, he shows how America has struggled to challenge China on its Human Rights behaviour. Finally, he examines America’s greatest fear: an Iranian nuclear bomb. He meets those who tried to convince America to strike at the heart of Ahmadinejad’s Iran – and the top flight US diplomats who admit the urgency of their clearest danger’.

Twee documentaires. Bijna twee uur schokkend nieuws.



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